Szczere obawy czy projekcje własnych życzeń? Głos w dyskusji na temat warunków profesjonalizmu historii socjologii

Ewa Bińczyk


The article reconstructs and comments on the most interesting issues of the debate among Julita Pieńkosz/Łukasz M. Dominiak, Radosław Sojak and Jarosław Kilias. The discussion concentrates upon the problem of the methodological professionalism in the history of sociology. The Sojak’s thesis, stating the need of the transformation of sociology towards a more applied, successful and scientific form is critically assessed. Selected possible methodological inspirations for the history of sociology are enumerated in the last paragraph of the text. They all stem from the postconstructivist stage of the Science and Technology Studies, strongly influenced by categories and methodological postulates of Actor-Network Theory.

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