Odkrywanie Margaret S. Archer. Casus polskiej socjologii

Krzysztof Wielecki, Dorota Leonarska


The absorption of the contemporary output of social sciences is very specific in Polish sociology. There are identified islands and unknown lands. Tracing the fate of notable world theorists in Poland may be enlightening and very instructive if someone would like to understand the intricacies of this science here, our fashions and dissatisfactions, preferences and distastes. Sometimes a secondary character rises to the rank of greatness, and protagonists are almost imperceptible. An example from classical sociology is Pitrim Sorokin, who was somehow overlooked in our country. A shameful absentee from the contemporary scientific world scene in Poland is, probably the greatest living sociological theorist, Margaret S. Archer. In this paper we outline the issue in general, describe the concepts and literary output of the British sociologist in brief and using this example we attempt to consider the reasons for her absence in Poland and to what extent they indicate more serious malfunctions of the Polish sociology.

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