Foucaulta pojęcie dyskursu — ryzyko użycia

Paweł Bytniewski


The term of discourse is the most important for the “late-archeological” thought of Michel Foucault and exposed in his Archelogy of Knowledge. Foucault made it also the main theme of the considerations of his inaugural lecture at Collège de France. Foucaultian sense of discourse and discursivity is the effect of the deliberations not easily to be subsumed under any definite algorithm of scientific research: it belongs neither to linguistics nor sociology of language nor epistemology nor the history of ideas nor the critique of ideology. Why, then, is the term such a matter of interest to social sciences? What fostered the interest? How and why does is happen to be misinterpreted? Do the misuse and misapprehension play a constructive or rather destructive role in the present and future use and transformation of the term in social sciences?

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