Studium na temat robotników rolnych Maxa Webera z roku 1892 w kontekście historycznym i regionalnym (tłum. Mateusz Wojnowski)

Gerd Vonderach


Written by a still young researcher, the study devoted to the condition of farm workers living east of the Elbe constituted a milestone in the then fedgling social studies of rural areas. It was preceded, on the one hand, by an important work on agrarian history authored by Knapp, which focused on the abolition of serfdom and development of farm workers class, and on the other, by the two social consultations among landowners which concerned farm workers. Max Weber carried out a diferentiated evaluation of respondents’ answers in numerous questionnaires that were sent from the German Association for Social Policy to employers in agriculture. Ten he integrated the obtained results with his own analysis of the resultant capitalist rural labor system. In this way his study infuenced the academic and political discussion concerning the desired agrarian reform in the German east.

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